Versak Estudio | Château du d'Argante commission map for Riotminds
Images of the commissioned maps of the Château du d'Argante for Riotminds
map, mapmaking, cartography, fantasy, riotminds
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Château du d’Argante

About This Project

Commision done for Roi des Rats, a 18th horror campaign developed by the sweden company Riotminds.

The project mapped the different floors of the Château du d’Argante, a victorian castle mansion near the french city of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. The maps were created in Illustrator and afther that retouched in Photoshop to get the old victorian look&feel. The final size of the maps were A4 / 8×11″.


abril 26, 2018